Hi! I am a second year undergrad pursuing Computer Science & Social Sciences at IIIT Delhi with a keen interest in technology and design. I believe in making things simple with depth and detail. I enjoy the occasional cooking and a good thriller. On the sports front, Hala Madrid!

Web Development

It's about the experience.

It isn't just about designing how it looks, but crafting an experience. One can forget the looks but never the experience. With this, I aim to make the internet a beautiful place.

Graphic Design

Less is more.

Creating visual content which strikes a chord at the first glance. I have delivered content ranging from logos to infographic posters, always recieved a positive response.


Details matter.

A good user experience is about establishing a medium to communicate with the user. I aim to deliver lasting experiences through gorgeous interfaces with a focus on usability.


A smart wardrobe-cum-mirror designed to fit in the modern lifestyle handling stuff like wardorbe & laundary management and curating outfits per personal taste. I was responsible for the primary research, graphics, hardware finishing and the website for the product.


A unique application and a web extension designed to aid D2C companies manage their businesses and attract customers, I took care of the primary research, data scraping and designing the web extension with the help of a google api.


A fun multiplayer game developed as a project for a course in the first semester. I looked after the graphics, ideation and hardware finishing.


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